PRESS RELEASE: DC Promotions Expanding Operations Into Three New Markets

PRESS RELEASE: DC Promotions Expanding Operations Into Three New Markets

VIENNA, VA – DC Promotions leaders will be opening satellite offices in two states. This creates career opportunities in the new offices as well as in the Vienna office. The firm’s President discussed some of the benefits of entering a new market.

“DC Promotions is expanding in a big way, opening three new offices in the near future!” declared Krissy, the firm’s President. “This expansion is one of the biggest this year. Two of the offices will be located in Ohio, and there will be another opening in Kansas. I am excited to see the company grow, and also to see how many members of the team stepped up and accepted leadership responsibilities in order to make these openings a reality.”

Krissy noted that by sending fully trained associates to get the new offices up and running, there are a number of openings at the home office – not to mention that each new branch will need to recruit and hire team members as well. She sees this as a positive though; the moves create space for more career-minded professionals to find a place in the DC Promotions family.

“Four of our top performers are spreading themselves between the three new offices to help make the openings a success. These are big shoes to fill, but I’m excited to see that our team members see this as an opportunity to show what they’re capable of. I believe that DC Promotions doesn’t grow unless our people are growing, so I see this expansion as evidence that the team is ready for more.”

DC Promotions’ President on the Advantages of Growing Into a New Market

There are specific reasons that growth is such a good thing for DC Promotions, according to Krissy. For instance, one of the most obvious is that more territory means access to a larger consumer base, which in turn leads to a bigger profit potential.

“As a habitual lifelong learner, I’m excited about the learning opportunities that come with expanding,” Krissy shared. “There are so many plans to make, and opening sites in three different areas means learning about the specifics of each community. There will also be the chance to discover what approaches and processes work best in each office. Once we’ve got a baseline method established for each branch, we can start sending team members from each area to different offices for cross-training. Many of us are enthusiastic travelers, and the chance to travel combined with the chance to learn is definitely a win/win.”

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