Why Mary Deserves a Round of Applause

Why Mary Deserves a Round of Applause

We never cut corners, and team member recognition is no exception in this rule. It’s important that everyone on Team DC Promotions knows how much we value their efforts, so we express our gratitude frequently, both publicly and privately.

Part of our appreciation routine is our monthly highlight. This month, we are applauding Mary for her outstanding work performance. She stands out for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

” Strong Leadership: Leadership requires one to strike a delicate balance. It’s a matter of presenting oneself as highly capable, while making others feel comfortable to share their ideas. Mary fits the bill. She is quite confident, but also warm and approachable. Her colleagues are eager to discuss their insights with her.

” Decision-Making Abilities: Some choices are difficult to make, and Mary handles them expertly. She considers all available information. Then she identifies possible solutions, and selects the most promising one. By being as objective as possible, she can make sound choices and stand behind them.

” Effective Communication: Communication is a key aspect of DC Promotions’ success. Not only does Mary speak clearly and openly, she listens closely to others. She even interprets body language well and uses her own gestures to emphasize her points.

Read more about Mary below:

She moved to Virginia in 2009 from Summit County, CO. She has lived in Leesburg, VA for the past 9 years.

“In my background as it relates to my family and upbringing, I’ve had a very strict father who consistently taught responsibility, self discipline, working extremely hard and striving to be successful as our family core values. While I struggled in my younger years to really apply those values to my life, I realize how these values have become deeply ingrained into my day to day work ethic. I want success more than anything now and am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it”

“The skills that she has developed are goal setting, effective daily planning, maintaining a positive attitude, working the systems, creating successful habits, self accountability, emotional fitness, etc. The list goes on and on but all of these skills are essential to success in every aspect of life, feeding you the food for success and growth both in your personal life and within the business”

We’re happy to continue supporting Mary as she pursues her ambitious career goals. Go to our DC Promotions Newswire, where you’ll find all our team highlights.