A Highly Rewarding Business Trip

A Highly Rewarding Business Trip

Travel is a significant part of our DC Promotions development strategy. We receive various opportunities to expand our horizons, including regular trips to big industry functions. Recently, we sent several of the top leaders from our office to the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas.

Along with plentiful chances to add to their contact lists, our team members received hands-on training in a variety of emerging methods during the conference. Krissy, our firm’s President, stated, “Our promotional specialists came back to the DC Promotions office ready to share what they learned with their teammates. The trip was more than worth the investment because it provided our people with valuable insights and great sources of advice going forward.”

The conference was the ideal way to reward outstanding performance. Krissy added, “Being around so many accomplished people allowed our team members to see the bigger picture of our industry. They have a clearer image of what’s possible when they apply themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons for sending our team members on so many different travel events.”

Our team members also get to learn more about each other as individuals when they take business trips. They see quirks they might not ever notice during the course of normal work. When they return to the office, our people are more inspired than ever to collaborate.

The Dallas conference provided lasting rewards for our entire team. Like DC Promotions on Facebook to learn more about our many travel incentives.