How to Get Involved in Giving Back

How to Get Involved in Giving Back

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a big deal among successful businesses. Although some companies focus on giving during the holiday season, Team DC Promotions makes an impact throughout the year. We rely on a few strategies any business leader can adopt.

It begins with leadership by example. This type of management is a DC Promotions mainstay, so applying it to our charitable activities only seemed natural. When you make your philanthropic goals known to your people, and they witness you fulfilling those ambitions, they’ll feel inspired to follow suit.

We also focus on the team-building benefits of giving. Fundraising and hands-on volunteer work allow people who don’t normally work side-by-side to better get to know one another. The prospect of spending time together as a group will also get your people excited to give to the community. This bonding time will have the added perks of boosting morale, collaboration, and overall performance back at your office.

It’s true that charitable work is good for PR, but it need not be the primary reason for giving. Around the DC Promotions office, we share the details of our philanthropic projects on our social media pages, for instance, but the goal of doing so is to raise awareness and support for the causes at hand.

There is great potential in CSR. It strengthens communities, companies, and teams. Follow us on Twitter to learn about the causes we support.