Follow These Steps to Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

Within our DC Promotions office, we’ve created a learning environment that encourages our people to continually rise to the next level. We instill the notion that to succeed, people need to break free from their comfort zones, test new skills, and overcome fears. Here are some steps that can promote personal and professional development in this regard:

” Be Prepared: Practice is one method to help us prepare for situations that extend past our levels of comfort. In our DC Promotions coaching model, our incoming team members have a safe environment in which to learn and test their newfound skills, such as how to present and communicate before customers.

” Find the Right Opportunities to Take That First Step: When it comes to trying something novel, it’s important to recognize the right moment and location to leap forward. Consider this like someone swimming in the deep waters for the first time. The depth might be intimidating initially, but once they immerse themselves in the situation, the lessons they’ve learned become crystallized.

” Breathe Through Those First Moments: Whenever we push past our comfort zones, there’s an initial hesitancy to continue. This is the moment at which to focus on breathing and apply the techniques we’ve practiced. After the first moments, forward momentum builds as we realize we’re progressing.

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