Seize DC Promotions’ Career Opportunities

There’s never a dull moment at DC Promotions. We’re known for nonstop innovation and growth, and we’re looking for fresh talent to join us. Our associates receive an impressive benefits package, along with numerous personal and professional development options.

We value our people. Hard work and positive attitudes are rewarded here.

Personalized Coaching

Managers at DC Promotions have made the journey to the top, so they know just what it takes to succeed in the business. Through our coach-student model, we pair them with new hires. This way, we can ensure consistent access to feedback and support from experienced professionals. It’s the best way to build confidence and learn the basic skills of running a successful business campaign.


We’ve developed a culture of collaboration that sets us apart from the competition. It brings our team together in pursuit of a shared mission. We each work toward individual and company goals, illustrating our motto that a victory for one of us is an achievement for us all.

Travel Opportunities

Working at DC Promotions comes with ample opportunities to travel. We attend community gatherings, participate in on the road trainings and national events, and indulge in exotic retreats. These excursions are great rewards for hard work, and our ability to experience them together makes them even more significant.

Networking and Development

Networking is the foundation of our success at DC Promotions. We emphasize the importance of building relationships with business leaders, industry experts, and other influencers. These meet and greets give our leadership team a chance to glean fresh knowledge and strengthen their business management skills.

Job Positions

Administration and Human Resources

The Human Resources department manages new and existing personnel, guides and helps to fuel company expansion, and adds expertise to new projects. Our HR staff works with colleagues in all other departments, overseeing the completion of projects and ensuring overall satisfaction with DC Promotions.

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

This position is responsible for supporting brands in the company portfolio, developing and managing senior leaders, and handling customer relations. Marketing and PR coordinators will research and immerse themselves in a brand to establish and develop effective campaigns that reach targeted audiences.

Management Training

Eligible account managers are invited into our management training program where they learn to deliver value to brands and customers by outlining clear goals, planning and managing territories, and overseeing on going projects. The training program also cross trains in marketing, sales, and customer-service, which allows individuals to gain perspectives from all-business angles.

Assistant Director

Responsibilities include driving long-term company growth as well as training and mentoring sales and marketing teams to successfully engage clients and consumers. The assistant director will also collaborate with other departments, such as Human Resources, to ensure the success of the company on a financial level.

Account Manager

Account Managers maintain relationships with DC Promotions’ partners and their customers. These professionals learn and develop strategies and skills for speaking in public, encouraging others through coaching, and leading new team members to success.

Marketing and Sales Representative

Our representatives are on the front lines of all we do. They connect with brands and consumers, presenting the DC Promotions campaign process to business leaders. This is an entry- level role that includes comprehensive training.

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