Ace Your Second Interview With These Techniques

Ace Your Second Interview With These Techniques

Finding and attracting top talent helps us keep DC Promotions on a thriving path. We regularly explore the latest best practices in hiring to ensure we are doing our best to recruit great people. Having multiple interviews is a common strategy with each additional interaction looking to learn something new. If you want to master your second interview when searching for a career opportunity, try these techniques:

• Have an Icebreaker: As you enter a second or third round of interviewing, you will be competing against other qualified candidates. So, it is important to create a connection and demonstrate enthusiasm. Prepare an icebreaker that will show how excited you are to be there.

• Be Unique: Again, later-state interviews are more competitive, so it is important to be unique. When preparing a DC Promotions campaign, we explore the special selling points of the brands we are promoting. Apply this same idea to yourself and evaluate all the qualities that make you a particularly good fit for the job.

• Have Vivid Examples: When talking about your skills, be vivid and specific. Giving clear examples is the best way to bring your abilities to life. This applies to technical and soft skills.

• Prepare to Talk Compensation: Toward the end of the hiring process, you will need to talk salary. Think through both your target and your strategy before arriving for your interview.

These techniques will help you ace a second interview. Discover more by following DC Promotions on Twitter.